Wine Tasting: Premium European Wines

Acton-based Premium European Wines was founded by local residents Paul and Oxana Knutrud in accordance with with their deeply held values of personal relationship and connection with the wineries they represent: “The small selection of represented wineries and wines demonstrates our focus and dedication to bringing something special that is a cut above the norm and a great value.” Their business model was ” To connect small family-style European farms with American wine lovers. We seek quality wines with character and integrity and deliver them to you…We [also] believe in giving back to our world and community. This is why 20% of our profits are donated to Christopher’s Haven.”

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Wine Tasting: DB Wine Selections

Didier Boutet selects wines in his image: honest, upfront and warm. His wines match his character; they are authentic. For many years, Didier has uncovered, and developed relationships with, the best vintners and their estates. Above all, he selects wines for aroma, flavor and trueness to type. But enduring relationships are also crucial: Didier seeks out vintners who bring passion to creating their wines.

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Wine Tasting: Mise Wines

We always enjoy having Mise Wines here for a tasting: they’ve got such a splendid selection of sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic wines!

Mise Wines:The art and joy of Real Wine. Sustainable, Hand-Crafted, & Curated. We are a Massachusetts wine importer and distributor dedicated to real wine; hand-picked selections from producers who craft wines with properly grown grapes using traditional methods and eschewing manipulation.”

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Wine Tasting: Bacchus Imports feat. winemaker Bruno Cottini

The Cheese Shop is hopping with excitement to have a return tasting of Bacchus Import’s Agricola Cottini and Tenuta La Falcona, and to include one of the Cottini family members as well! Agricola Cottini is nestled in the hills of Valgatara where the family applies their experience and passion to produce limited quantities of traditional Valpolicella wines. Tenuta La Falcona, or the “Falcon Estate”, extends over the glacial hills between Valeggio sul Mincio and Lake Garda. This estate was purchased by the Cottini family and has been returned to its antique splendor through the unification of the original parcels of land and the gradual restoration of the vineyards.
Sergio Cottini and his children, Giorgio, Laura, Michele and Bruno, continue the family legacy to produce an authentic product of the highest possible quality. The winemaking tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and the family members are personally involved in each phase of the process from grape cultivation to wine production. The family holds true to the artisan style both in the vineyards and the wine cellar.
Bruno Cottini is the youngest of this generation of the Cottini Family. He grew up playing in the vineyards with his fellow siblings and has a deep passion for all aspects of winemaking. Bruno studied Agrotechnics and joined the family business full time after earning his degree. He has broad level of experience that includes viticulture, winemaking, marketing and international business relations.


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Jewish Holiday Catering

The Cheese Shop Deli is gearing up for holiday catering…..

September brings the Jewish New Year, let us help you with the holiday entertaining. Now taking orders for appetizer, soups, entrees and/or braided challahs. Click below to see our full catering menu.

Rosh Hashanah 2017

All orders will need to be placed by Wednesday, October 13th.

Call the deli department at (978) 369-5778.

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Wine Tasting: Master Brands/The Wine Trust

From the Master Brands website: “Master Brands was established in the small town of Washington Connecticut during 2011 by Hendrik van der Merwe, having just arrived from Cape Town with his family, following almost two decades in the international wine arena. Shortly thereafter in May 2012, his path crossed with Tim Clew and Brian Mota from The Wine Trust and they immediately realized that an exceptional synergy existed. Today, The Wine Trust is a strategic supply partner of impeccably aged wines from leading Estates and origins.

As a Californian Vintner, we hand-pick quality wines, create special blends and bottle wines under our own brands in the Napa. As Importer, we ensure that each wine has a perfect provenance. As Distributor, we aim to create a network that will reach to every corner of this great nation. In select states, sales and distribution will be fully under our control, while in other states we will establish distribution or broker partnerships.”

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