Wine/Beer Tasting: Oak Barrel Imports

Oak Barrel Imports is a small, local importer/distributor carrying wines from around the world, plus craft beer and cider.

Oak Barrel Imports: “We don’t just believe in our wines and beers, we drink them as well.”

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Wine Tasting: Mucci Imports

From the website: “Mucci Imports is a young start up whose focus is on the promotion of indigenous Italian varietals from up and down the “boot.” We focus on small, family owned wineries who are dedicated to cultivating grape varietals that have existed since Greek or Roman times. These wineries don’t have vineyards full of international varietals but local grapes unique to their region.”

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Wine Tasting: Charles River Wine Company

Get ready for summer, ’cause we are introducing top-tier wine…in a CAN! Yep, you heard that right; now you can take red, white or rose wines where you can’t bring glass bottles: beach, poolside, hiking, etc. This is premium wine from California, including the Central Coast and Paso Robles!. Come in and try it, and take a can or a 4-pack to go!

Charles River Wine Company is a Massachusetts-based specialty import company and wholesale distributor of fine wines. We import wines from most of the major wine producing regions, as well as working with other wine importers and quality-focused wineries in the United States.

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Wine Tasting: Gilbert Distributors

Gilbert Distributors is a boutique distributor of fine wines in Massachusetts that specializes in the central coast region of California, particularly the area surrounding Paso Robles (but their wine list includes an exceptional international portfolio!).

“Our company is small, and our attention focused. We are excited by the quality and style of wines from the central coast region, and are motivated to make them available to others throughout the state of Massachusetts.”

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Wine Tasting: Aaronap Cellars

Westford, Mass.-based Aaronap Cellars is a micro-winery focusing on small-volume, innovative, artisanal wines from the best vineyards and orchards in New England and beyond. Winemaker Noel Powell seeks to combine his passions for art and history, a scientific background, and his knowledge of traditional winemaking methods to produce unique wines not found elsewhere in Massachusetts.

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Wine Tasting: Hangtime Wholesale Wine Co.

Hangtime is one our top small, independent wine importer/distributors.  As owner Jeff Slavin says: “…We like wines that are honest, true to type, and hopefully, a mix of fun and delicious. Our dedicated wineries and Importers help us keep things interesting and lively… FREE YOUR MIND AND YOUR GLASS WILL FOLLOW…”

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Wine Tasting: Global Wines, Inc.

Global Wines will be showing outstanding red, white and rose wines from around the world!

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Combined Wine and Cider Tasting: Humboldt Imports and Pony Shack Cider

Humboldt Imports is “…a specialty importer of artisan-scale, family-held wineries from around the world.  Our producers work closely with their land, taking care to nurture the soil as well as the vines.  Our sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines represent some of the best traditions of their craft.”

Boxborough-based Pony Shack Cider is “…a family-owned cidery nestled in the heart of apple country. Our mission is to produce small batch, artisanal cider from locally sourced ingredients.  We dream big and believe life is too short to drink a bad glass of cider.”

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Wine Tasting: Wine-Cask Imports

Wine-Cask Imports: “A family owned company that imports and distributes real wines made by real people”

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Wine Tasting: Mise Wines

Mise is a Massachusetts wine importer and distributor dedicated to real wine; hand-picked selections from producers who craft wines with properly grown grapes using traditional methods and eschewing manipulation.

Mise – “The art and joy of Real Wine. Sustainable, Hand-Crafted & Curated.”

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