Combined Wine and Cider Tasting: Humboldt Imports and Pony Shack Cider

Humboldt Imports is “…a specialty importer of artisan-scale, family-held wineries from around the world.  Our producers work closely with their land, taking care to nurture the soil as well as the vines.  Our sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines represent some of the best traditions of their craft.”

Boxborough-based Pony Shack Cider is “…a family-owned cidery nestled in the heart of apple country. Our mission is to produce small batch, artisanal cider from locally sourced ingredients.  We dream big and believe life is too short to drink a bad glass of cider.”

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Wine Tasting: Wine-Cask Imports

Wine-Cask Imports: “A family owned company that imports and distributes real wines made by real people”

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Wine Tasting: Mise Wines

Mise is a Massachusetts wine importer and distributor dedicated to real wine; hand-picked selections from producers who craft wines with properly grown grapes using traditional methods and eschewing manipulation.

Mise – “The art and joy of Real Wine. Sustainable, Hand-Crafted & Curated.”

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Wine Tasting: Balderdash Cellars

“Founded in 2011, Balderdash Cellars® is a boutique winery located in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. We focus on producing ultra-premium (wicked to New England folks) wines from grapes grown by world-class California vineyards.”

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Wine Tasting: Premium European Wines

Premium European Wines is a small, independent importer/distributor that focuses on small production, traditional, formerly hard to find wines. Their stated goal is “…To connect small family-style European farms with American wine lovers. We seek quality wines with character and integrity and deliver them to you. We also are committed to giving back…”

“…The wines we choose are compelling and expressive of the places and communities from which they come … and the tables they are headed for.” “…We not only know our wines but we know our winemakers. We only import wines from wineries where we know the owners and winemakers personally. Each of our represented vineyards are family owned and our wines are either estate bottled or the wine was made from grapes controlled by the winery.”

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Wine Tasting: Bacchus Imports

The quintessence of small, local business, Bacchus Imports is a micro-sized, family-owned importer/distributor of top-quality Italian wines. John will be showing a grouping of 7 wines, including a three-vintage vertical of a spectacular Valpolicella Superiore!

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Wine and Cider Tasting: Winesellers, Ltd.

Winesellers, Ltd. is a globally-recognized, family-run importer and marketer, with more than 30 years experience importing family-owned fine wine brands from around the world.

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Wine Tasting: Cafe Europa

“The idea for Cafe Europa was born in 2001, when Todd and Dragica were looking for a business idea and realized [they] couldn’t find any Croatian wines in [their] local stores…[they built] a portfolio of unique, small producers with a reputation for quality and consistency, who make hand-crafted wines at reasonable prices while always maintaining a distinct sense of place, passion and tradition…Not only [are they] extremely proud of [their] portfolio of great wines from around the world, [they] are also proud of [their] passionate and dedicated team that [helped them] make all this possible.”

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Wine Tasting: Blue Coast Beverages

Join Mark K., as he takes you on an oenological tour of some of Blue Coast Beverages’ portfolio of spectacular wines!

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Mead (Etc.) Tasting: Green River Ambrosia

Green River Ambrosia has been brewing great mead since 2007…Our goal is to support sustainable beekeeping by purchasing raw, high-quality honey, primarily from local bee keepers, and fermenting it into exquisite mead that honors the nuanced flavor of great honey.”

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