Wine Tasting: Oz Wine Co.

Oz Wine Company is a fine wine import & wholesale company based in Massachusetts who champions the farming families and faces who carefully tend their vines, and unapologetically make wines of distinction and character…”

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Wine Tasting: MISE Wines

Mise is a Massachusetts wine importer and distributor dedicated to real wine; hand-picked selections from producers who craft wines with properly grown grapes using traditional methods and eschewing manipulation…”

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Wine Tasting: Arborway Imports (Canceled due to storm. Snow date TBD)

Arborway Imports is a family owned wine distributor covering the entire state of Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands. Our primary focus is on high quality discoveries of artisan wine and beer.

Edit: This tasting is canceled due to impending April Fool’s Day storm (sadly, this ain’t no joke), and will be rescheduled for a later date.

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Cider Tasting: Artifact Cider Project

Artifact Cider Project crafts ciders of distinction from the superb apples of New England.”

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Wine Tasting: Aidil Wines

Aidil Wines: “Since 1984 Aidil has set themselves apart as a Portuguese wine specialist. Importing and distributing one of the largest selections of fine wine from Portugal’s unique and varied regions. Aidil continues to expand its quality portfolio with a focus on Latin countries, such as; Spain, Italy, Chile and Argentina…Education about our wines and their regional origin is a top priority for us, we believe it is the key to success for communicating our passion to the market.”

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Cider Tasting: Bantam Cider

Bantam Cider: “A Modern, Craft Cider. Made locally in Massachusetts from fresh press apples”

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Wine Tasting: Abacus Distributing

Southbridge, Mass.-based Abacus Distributing is committed to “…strong customer service and high quality brands.…”.

As it is St. Patrick’s Day, in addition to the outstanding selection of wines we will be introducing an Irish ale that is brand-new to the U.S!

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Wine Tasting: MISE Wines

MISE Wines: “The Art and Joy of Real Wine. Sustainable, Hand-Crafted & Curated.”

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Wine Tasting: Masciarelli Wine Co.

“The Masciarelli Wine Company is a family-owned business focused on importing and distributing only the finest quality artisanal limited-production wines.”

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Wine Tasting: Humboldt Imports

Humboldt Imports, a specialty importer of artisan-scale, family-held wineries from around the world.”

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