Wine Tasting: Bronco Wine Co.

This time, we’ve got a representative of a specific winery (distributed here in Mass. by Classic Wine Importers division of Martignetti) in to show a selection of their own wines. As described on their website, “Founded in 1973…Bronco Wine Company is a family-owned winery committed to growing, producing and selling the finest quality wines of the highest value to our customers”.

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Beer Tasting: Element Brewing Co.

Outstanding lineup of spectacular beers from one of Massachusetts’ top craft breweries: Element Brewing Company. Starting at 2:30pm, taste a selection of their beers, including one that is Gluten-free, and a vertical tasting of their winter seasonal: Winter Ion.

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Wine Tasting: Wine-Cask Imports

Come down to the Shop beginning at 2:00pm, and Monica A. from Wine-Cask Imports will guide you through an oenological tour of some of the top wine-growing regions of California, France and Spain! Delicious red and white wines sure to please (and go well with your Superbowl feasting!).

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Beer Tasting: Down The Road Beer Co.

First beer tasting of the new year! We welcome Down The Road Beer Co., a Mass.-based craft brewery less than two years old, that focuses on “…crafting high quality beer, brewed locally in MA using fresh ingredients and inspired by traditional brewing techniques and styles…”

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Wine Tasting: Hangtime

Welcome Hangtime Wholesale Wine Co., one of our select small, independent distributors who feature wines “…that are honest, true to type, and hopefully, a mix of fun and delicious…”

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Wine Tasting: Winebow

First Saturday wine tasting of the 2017! We welcome Winebow, an outstanding group of “…national importer and distribution houses that offer comprehensive portfolios of fine wine, spirits, and sake from around the world…”

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Wine Tasting: Cafe Europa

Last tasting of 2016! This time, we’ve got Carmen, from Cafe Europa, showing delicious wines from New Zealand, Spain and the US…and Champagne, of course! Happy New Year, everyone!

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Monday Wine Tasting: Masciarelli Wine Company

In our only Monday Wine Tasting ever (or at least as far as we can recall), we welcome Masciarelli Wine Company who are a self-described “…family owned and operated Importing and Distribution Company dedicated to quality, small production wines from around the world….”

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Sunday Wine Tasting: Cynthia Hurley French Wines

Here, we welcome Cynthia Hurley French Wines in for one of our extremely rare Sunday tastings. We’ve been proud to have their wines in our shop for many years, now, because they espouse the philosophy that we aspire to. In their own words: “…Our selections represent the efforts of independent growers and producers who use minimal to no intervention to create wines that are terroir driven. We import just those wines we want to put in our own cellar. We believe one of life’s greatest pleasures is heading down to your cellar and picking a different bottle each evening…”

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Saturday Wine Tasting: Oz Wine Company

Another small, enthusiastic Mass. importer/distributor whose fabulous world-wide wines we’ve carried for years, Oz Wine Company!

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