Wine Tasting: Premium European Wines

Premium European Wines is a small, locally-based importer/distributor committed to “Small production, traditional: formerly hard to find…wines…” that are “…compelling and expressive of the places and communities from which they come…and the tables they are headed for….” Their connection is personal: “…We only import wines from wineries where we know the owners and winemakers personally. Each of our represented vineyards are family owned and our wines are either estate bottled or the wine was made from grapes controlled by the winery…”

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Wine Tasting: Bronco Wine Co.

This time, we’ve got a representative of a specific winery (distributed here in Mass. by Classic Wine Importers division of Martignetti) in to show a selection of their own wines. As described on their website, “Founded in 1973…Bronco Wine Company is a family-owned winery committed to growing, producing and selling the finest quality wines of the highest value to our customers”.

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Wine Tasting: Wine-Cask Imports

Come down to the Shop beginning at 2:00pm, and Monica A. from Wine-Cask Imports will guide you through an oenological tour of some of the top wine-growing regions of California, France and Spain! Delicious red and white wines sure to please (and go well with your Superbowl feasting!).

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