Wine Tasting: Bacchus Imports

The quintessence of small, local business, Bacchus Imports is a micro-sized, family-owned importer/distributor of top-quality Italian wines. John will be showing a grouping of 7 wines, including a three-vintage vertical of a spectacular Valpolicella Superiore!

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Wine Tasting: Cafe Europa

“The idea for Cafe Europa was born in 2001, when Todd and Dragica were looking for a business idea and realized [they] couldn’t find any Croatian wines in [their] local stores…[they built] a portfolio of unique, small producers with a reputation for quality and consistency, who make hand-crafted wines at reasonable prices while always maintaining a distinct sense of place, passion and tradition…Not only [are they] extremely proud of [their] portfolio of great wines from around the world, [they] are also proud of [their] passionate and dedicated team that [helped them] make all this possible.”

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Wine Tasting: MISE Wines

Mise is a Massachusetts wine importer and distributor dedicated to real wine; hand-picked selections from producers who craft wines with properly grown grapes using traditional methods and eschewing manipulation…”

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Wine Tasting: Aidil Wines

Aidil Wines: “Since 1984 Aidil has set themselves apart as a Portuguese wine specialist. Importing and distributing one of the largest selections of fine wine from Portugal’s unique and varied regions. Aidil continues to expand its quality portfolio with a focus on Latin countries, such as; Spain, Italy, Chile and Argentina…Education about our wines and their regional origin is a top priority for us, we believe it is the key to success for communicating our passion to the market.”

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